NanoSafe Tested

Third-party nanotechnology test and verification services.

Characterization and Synthesis

Custom nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.

Regulatory Testing

Testing of nanomaterials, data analysis, and protocol development.


Nanotoxicology data curation and trend analysis.

Defense Nanotechnologies

Nanosafety services to meet the unique needs of military customers.

Research and Consulting

NanoSafe offers contract research and consulting services in four core areas: 1) Nanomaterials Characterization and Synthesis, 2) Defense Nanotechnologies, 3) Regulatory Testing, and 4) Nanoinformatics. 

NanoSafe’s contract research and consulting projects are tailored to suit individual client needs and leverage our extensive expertise in sustainable nanotechnology.  Past projects have included custom fabrication and characterization of metallic nanostructures for ecotoxicological studies, development of standard operating procedures for safe handling of nanomaterials, and multi-year efforts integrating experimental design and nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.