NanoSafe Tested

Third-party nanotechnology test and verification services.

Characterization and Synthesis

Custom nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.

Regulatory Testing

Testing of nanomaterials, data analysis, and protocol development.


Nanotoxicology data curation and trend analysis.

Defense Nanotechnologies

Advancements in nanoscale science and engineering are poised to shape the future of warfare.  Nanotechnology-enabled solutions are driving next generation high-strength/light-weight armor, energetic materials, advanced weapons systems, and sensors for chemical and biological agents.

NanoSafe is proud to offer services that enhance the technical readiness of the US military and the warfighter.  Recent products completed by NanoSafe on behalf of and in collaboration with the US military are listed below.  The primary contribution of NanoSafe in these projects has been to assist with developing strategies that mitigate human and environmental health risks associated with emerging nanotechnologies for defense applications.

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