NanoSafe Tested

Third-party nanotechnology test and verification services.

Characterization and Synthesis

Custom nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.

Regulatory Testing

Testing of nanomaterials, data analysis, and protocol development.

Defense Nanotechnologies

Nanosafety services to meet the unique needs of military customers.


The NanoSafe 3D Periodic Table (3DPT™)

The 3DPT™ is an exciting and cutting-edge area of development for NanoSafe. This web-based system classifies nanomaterials based on elemental composition, shared physicochemical properties, and the induction of similar toxicological responses or material behaviors. Data is archived via a flexible data-input matrix, and then visitors can easily access the data with individual search requests. The 3DPT™ provides a unique opportunity for those in the nanotech world to develop a new understanding of how nanoparticle interactions with biological systems and other materials can be altered by physicochemical properties.