NanoSafe Tested

Third-party nanotechnology test and verification services.

Characterization and Synthesis

Custom nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.


Nanotoxicology data curation and trend analysis.

Defense Nanotechnologies

Nanosafety services to meet the unique needs of military customers.

Regulatory Testing

Safety testing of nanomaterials under United States regulations, including the Toxic Substances Control Act and the Federal Fungicide, Insecticide, and Rodenticide Act presents new and significant challenges to contract laboratories engaged in regulatory testing. Regulatory agencies will require modification of current test guidelines, protocols, and test procedures to address unique material characterization, measurement, and metrology needs. 

NanoSafe offers support for all aspects of standardized testing of nanomaterials, including interpretation of data requests or requirements, test protocol development, analysis of results, and writing test reports. NanoSafe can also deliver essential test-specific material characterization data through its access to Virginia Tech’s Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory. NanoSafe brings over twenty years of experience in ecotoxicology testing, a decade of nanomaterial testing, and extensive involvement in the development of nanomaterial test guidance for US and international regulatory agencies. 

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