NanoSafe Tested

Third-party nanotechnology test and verification services.

Regulatory Testing

Testing of nanomaterials, data analysis, and protocol development.


Nanotoxicology data curation and trend analysis.

Defense Nanotechnologies

Nanosafety services to meet the unique needs of military customers.

Nanomaterials Characterization and Synthesis

Characterization is critical to understanding the behavior of engineered nanomaterials.  NanoSafe maintains access to world-class instruments for nanoscale characterization and fabrication through the Virginia Tech Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory.  State of the art equipment available to our team through the VT NCFL are listed below:

  • Electron Microscopy: Hi-Resolution TEM, TEM, STEM, SEM, ESEM, FE-SEM 

  • Surface Features: Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Suspensions: Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), UV-VIS spectrometry 

  • Aerosols: NanoScan, Class 1,000 Cleanroom